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Advait part 12 ( Surrender)

Asa…. Nisi…. Masa…. Very softly the magician muttered these words in Guido’s ears. We go a long way in our lives from where we begin. There comes a point when reality takes over imagination and we need to go back to the source.

Go within the magician said. Go within.

It was late evening when my eyes opened. My entire being felt relaxed. I could feel the smile on my lips as if they had read my mind and danced in anticipation.

Gopala was sitting outside on a rock, gazing at the hills. He didn’t turn to look at me when I slowly walked towards him and sat down. We both sat in silence in nothingness. I could feel the change in Gopala’s breathing and waited when he would share his turmoil. After moments, this time looking directly in to my eyes, he took my hand in his hand and said earnestly“ Dear, I have decided to pursue the light as shown by Mahabodhi. I feel the thirst to gain the abundance of knowledge left by him. Tomorrow in the auspicious day of birth of one of his incarnations, lets walk this path together.”

Far away in the hills we could hear the sound of bells coming from Kali temple. Evening prayers were in process. Oil lamps placed outside was illuminating in the darkness.

Next day started with the loud chanting in the monastery and a heavy rainfall. Sound of which felt as if competing with each other. Nonetheless excitement was in the air. Our monk friends were clearly in a very happy mood. Very early, just after their prayers and our baths we left immediately for the main temple which was about 4kms. The temple of the spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

The temple had an open courtyard where we together with hundreds of people, who with an amazing zeal and enthusiasm filled in their hearts, getting drenched in the rain, prayers in their lips, waited patiently for their teacher.

And not long enough when the Tibetan artists and performers announced the arrival of the so anxiously awaited guest. First glimpse of him and I was in a bliss. His face radiated with pure love and compassion. With a childlike smile he walked at ease waving at everyone and once in a while stopped and greeted elderly and children. As if time had stopped when he walked past us, and for a fraction of a moment I felt our eyes met and he smiled. Never before I was so enchanted, never before I was so captivated, never before I had felt a presence of a true teacher.

My heart opened to surrender.

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