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99 days Journey in Europe

99 days of journey, so many impressions, expressions and experiences.

Climbed the Swiss mountains and celebrated our oneness in global friends retreat, witnessed silence and celebration in Seva cafe France  , made kites and art work with refugees, tasted the beer made by the monks in Belgium, explored gift culture in Spain, read Shri Aurobindo’s Savitri in a retreat in Germany and danced with the sufi’s in Turkey.

Thankyou, Danke, shukran, merci Buco, Muchas Gracias, Salaam to all the friends in the way, you all have been very kind and generous to this pilgrim. I promise to share forward your love with others who cross my way.

A friend asked, how I have changed, I freel every interaction is changing us. Every eye contact we make, every hug we give and every smile we share, changes us.

Together we all become whole. In our wholeness, completeness and yet emptiness, we will meet again and again. In love, with love

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