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Maitri Mala 1 – May 2020

It’s Buddha Purnima today, the moon was full and so was my heart as we shared a long cherished dream of Maitri magazine. The intention to start has always been there, inspired by Maitri magazine in Paunar, we always thought what would Maitri experiments in today’s time would like and what experiments can we do locally in our Maitri space, Ahmedabad. The intention of this magazine was kept on 125th birth anniversary of Vinoba in Paunar and my heart is over joyed that we could come out of our first edition today. Kishan’s loving nudge and Jayesh Bhai’s Maitri Bhav helped it bring to life. I felt nourished as I was compiling these stories and putting it together. Memories of my time in ahmedabad and moved by love came alive and heart was filled with gratitude for so many friends / volunteers we met along the way who nurtured this bhav of maitri. So we share with you Maitri Mala’s first edition with Jayesh Bhai’s message:

दिल को दिल से जोड़ने के भाव से, मैत्री माला का पहला अंक “प्रकाशित” हुआ है । यह समय आंतरिक शुद्धि और बाह्य भावमय कार्यों का है. आशा से हर 3 महीने “मैत्री माला” का प्रकाशन हो, और आप अपने भाव इसके माध्यम से साझा करे । आज का दिन भी प्रकाशन का दिन है, सभी को बुद्ध पूर्णिमा की शुभकामनाएँ ।

मैत्री भाव के साथ

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