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Mahabodhi temple, Bodhgaya

Me posing for the camera to show off that I was working in farms with kids 🙂

It’s 5.15 pm, I am sitting on the steps of “mucalinda lake”. There is a statue of Buddha in centre of lake with sheshnag (a snake) protecting him from storms, wind & rain. It’s a beautiful place for meditation; lake is filled with fish, surrounded by lush green trees and sounds of birds chirping. It’s a tourist place so it’s distracting with constant visitors. I was suppose to start shooting today but couldn’t. As always start is always difficult. I worked in farms today with other kids in Ashram. Within an hour I was tired but I came closer with kids. They kept asking me my name and were excited to see me working with them. Navratri festival is going on. My eyeglasses just fell down in the lake; luckily it wasn’t far so I could take it out. It’s still not clear where my future is, but as always I am sure there is a reason for me being in bodhgaya and doing this film. There is a pattern which is slowly unfolding. In patterns of life.

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