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Flowers of St. Francis (Short Story)

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

“But why you, but why you” asked a fellow monk to St Francis “why does everyone follows you, Francesco ?” “Why do they all want to see you, hear you, and obey you ?” “You are not tall, handsome or noble!” Francis replied: “Because God could find no lower creature on earth Nor a sinner worse than I, in an order to show that all virtue and good comes from him, not us”

Glory be His name for all eternity!

– From the movie ‘Flowers of St.Francis’

Pilgrim diary notes: St Francis came in my life during my college days in San Francisco through Fr Henry. Many years later we had the blessing to go on a pilgrimage to Assisi in Italy. Here’s an account from that journey. * Make me a channel of your peace * From the diary of Fr Henry

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