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Annette Kaiser

Annette Kaiser, born in Zurich in 1948, is a distinguished Spiritual Teacher, Author and a student of Mrs. Irina Tweedie for 17 years. Emphasizing the global transformation of the human heart, Annette developed the "practice path DO" with an ongoing commitment to non-dual, cosmocentric understanding, sharing her teachings internationally.

A graduate in economics and sociology from HSG, Switzerland, Annette has dedicated over three decades to extensive work on gender and equality issues in developing countries. Additionally, she serves as the founder and spiritual director of Villa Unspunnen in Switzerland, actively supports charitable initiatives through the "Open Hands" association, and plays a pivotal role in driving the "Global Cooperative Forum" and the "" movement. Annette, a devoted educator, is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

The Art of Living in a Conscious Way

The series "Art of Living in a Conscious Way" delves into the challenges of our world and explores human potential through five stages: waking up, cleaning up, growing up, blooming up, and standing up. It promotes transformation, oneness, and the pursuit of a more peaceful and joyful world, inviting others to join in this journey.

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