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Spain – calling the pilgrim

2.17am, Sunday night, on a bus to Madrid airport, I reflect on what I learned in last two weeks in Spain.

Abundance was the first visible lesson, to see everything as an energy, the more we flow the things the more we feel the flow of life. Every person or incident is there for a reason, be present, and wonder why it has come in your life, what insight it is hiding. It’s really a state of mind and with practice we can train it.

After the retreat we stayed in Villasur, a small village near Burgos. It is Joserra’s family home very generously offered by his parents. Of many things we shared, we talked about the possibilities of Lokmitra, or exchange of friends living in Spain and in india for 40 days, growing in service and love. One of Gandhi ji’s last dream before he passed away was to make a shanti sena, an army of peace warriors who would have immense internal spiritual strength with love and would go to any conflict place in the world and work there. What would love warriors of today would look like. How would we prepare ourselves internally, create inner strength and immense love that our presence it self would bring healing and relief in the lives of others. As we heal others we heal ourselves, as truly we know there are no ‘others’.

Diken had come to drop me to the bus station. As we walked by the cathedral in night, in the streets of Burgos, we shared how a pilgrim should continue to walk. It always feel safe and comfortable in a place where we stop but we have to continue walking with faith that next stop will have its own adventure.

Since I walked the way to Camino two years back, Spain had always called me back, like a love which was not yet completed or fulfilled. A longing of the heart, knowing there’s something else here which has not yet been revealed.

– 7th Aug 2016

With Bea, Joserra, Diken and Candida

River in Villasur

Three generations together, joserra’s aunt, mother and sister Gema.

Castrokariz village.

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