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03.07.05. Mc Lodgunj. (H.P) [Chinar guest house, bhagusa] H.H. Dalai lama smiled at me today. This felt so much like watching Mona Lisa painting, where ever you look it from it feels like she is watching you. In same way, when in the crowd of thousand monks, when I saw him from very near, for a fraction of moment I felt I had an eye contact with him and he smiled. A smile full is of compassion, love and child like. Very very rare. Today was the 1st day in Dharamshala and I got a place in a hill top, surrounded with mountains, a small cottage, very inexpensive, truly a small heaven. 2 kms from Mc Lodgunj, in Bhagusa village called chinar soul home. True to its name, it takes a good long walk and climb; to go there but it’s all worth it. There doesn’t seem a possibility of interview with H.H Dalai lama at such a short notice. May be I should keep traveling without being caught up in outcome. More than the film the experience is incredible, or let it come whatever it may be. In letting.

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