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05.07.05. Chinar. A beautiful morning starts and I finally make my decision. How do I know it’s right? Because I get excited as I think about it. I am traveling, an extensive all India in 3 months. The goal is to meet people from all walks of life and ask them what do they think Sin & Zen is. From an artist, social worker, prostitute, politician, priest, rickshaw wallah, to any and everyone. Use camera as a paintbrush, let it go without holding back anything. Think it to be writing a diary with camera. Capture moments, capture life, and capture soul. Learn to see, beyond seeing. This is your moment, won’t get another so easily, so do your best and experience. Experience life and then after December you can take a break and take a job for a while. Think it as if you are doing internship under life itself. What better Guru then life? Surrender to the unknown and let the magic begin. Don’t worry about the results, do it for yourself, and the universe would reveal itself. In unknown Revelation.

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