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Unlived Moments

30th Aug 05. Golden Temple, Amritsar.

I know it’s there, I can feel it but cannot find it. The harder I try, the further it goes. “You have to let it go Madhu,” said Meghna. ” The best moments captured through camera are spontaneous, the moment we try to find it or create it through mind, it looses its innocence”. It’s like silence, you utter its name and it’s gone. knowing this truth, I tend to forget it, usually when overwhelmed by the incredible experience of a moment, such as now of watching the magnificent Golden temple. In that moment I try hard to photograph it in an unusual way, something different and in that excitement I lose its purity, and thus blocking the universe to reveal its magic. A quote I read today sums it all: “One foot is rooted in things we understand: But the other rests in a realm of deep, dark mystery, a place far beyond the knowledge of mankind”. -Atharva Veda In letting go today.

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