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Towards Brazil

‘Miracles are the payment you receive for your failures’ Charles shared today, the first day of Giftival Brazil. An amazing group of people from various parts of the world have come together to explore gift culture and community living.

After a long 30 hour flight via Abu Dabhi, I reached São Paulo yesterday evening. Met Bayo in the flight and together we went to one event to meet Manish. Found ourselves in a circle talking about unlearning and education, stayed in Lala’s beautiful home, where each object had a story to tell. 

I woke up at 4am, partly jet lagged and also could be a dream. It was raining softly outside, in hope to see the full super moon I went out but then came back due to cold. It was a super full moon yesterday, the closest it has come to earth in many years and thus it looks quite big. I saw a glimpse of it on the plane, and for moment I felt I was dreaming, it looked so beautiful and almost like a shining soft sun. 

Reached via cab to Santos. Our driver too had a incredible story to share, he had met with an hit and run accident 7 years ago and was in coma for several days, with very small chances to survive he made through with courage and perseverance. 

I am bit sleepy writing this blog and thus feel it is devoid of emotions as i am finding it difficult to concentrate. Yet will make an attempt 🙂

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