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Next to River

30.06.05. Kankhal, Haridwar. Why is it important to go on a pilgrimage? From Vivekananda to every saint, from Gandhi to Coelho, All went on a journey. Symbolically it could be journey to within. In order to better understand ourselves and then be of service to world. Sitting in the shade of a tree as I write this, looking at flowing Ganga and mountains far off, what better life could be? But we still keep looking; looking for something we ourselves don’t know. What takes to be a master or are there any? Its cool to take a journey, we all want it but we know it’s difficult, I am feeling it too. However I have no reason to do so. I got sufficient money, time and all I need is courage. That proves one thing, the universal truth, that we can all follow our dreams as long as we want it. We give different excuses of money, resources and duties but they are all secondary. But we all get hesitant when given the opportunity to follow our dreams, because we cant believe it can really come true so scared we step back and look at others who are walking and think with envy. “They are lucky”. In being lucky.

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