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Master Empty Cloud

with Nipun Bhai, Mukesh Bhai, Heng Sure, Jayesh Bhai, Guri

Manjushree Bodhisattva

Visited Rev Heng sure in Buddhist monastery Berkeley. He shared the story of Master empty cloud, who had taken a Bowing pilgrimage of 3000 miles in china. He died two times in the process but bought back to life by bodhisattva Manjushree in a form of beggar. When he was deep in snow and felt that he would die he saw a beggar who served him hot rice. And helped him heal for next few days. Heng sure was inspired by master empty cloud to take his bowing pilgrimage. Coincidently I was carrying a photo of Manjushree which I got from Alchi monastery , Ladakh. And gifted it to Heng sure after he shared this story. And another photo was amitabha which was also the main statue in the Berkeley monastery. All this cannot be a coincidence, signs to show me that I am held and the grace is there.

* Video of Rev Heng Sure sharing about his bowing pilgrimage.

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