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Gandhi 3.0

Sixty path creators from across the world responded to a compelling invitation to spend 4 days around Gandhi’s 66th death anniversary and explore modern manifestations of Gandhian values. We called it Gandhi 3.0. From politicians to businessmen, spiritual cultivators to social entrepreneurs, the diversity of the gathering was held with nothing but ties of noble kinship or ‘Maitri’.

The intention was set in the opening circle, with beautiful reflections of Vinoba Bhave: “​When we will all see our role in society as servants, we will all light up the sky together like countless stars on a dark night. Don’t think of society as the sky on a full moon night. The moon’s harsh light blinds us to the true and humble work of the stars. But on a moonless night, the true servants shine forth, as though they are connected invisibly in this vast and infinite cosmos.”

The intention, was to tune our eyes to see the true and humble work, the divinity in each and every one of us. And that happens only when we create a field of ‘Maitri’ around us. – See more here

Filmed and edited by Ellie Walton

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