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City of Death

02.08.05. Varanasi. Time to say good bye to Varanasi and move on. Weather is hot here and thus in few hours body is exhausted. Streets are over crowded due to current religious Hindu month. City is full of Shiva devotees from all around India. In spite of all this, city is enchanting and there’s always something new to discover. Tomorrow morning leaving for Bodhgaya. Never get tired of that place. As Dwarkoji had said, this place is really sacred as it attracted Buddha and gave him enlightenment. There’s a peaceful energy radiating that place. Looking forward to meet the kids in Samanvay along with Dwarkoji. In a fiction novel I recently read, an observer calls Varanasi “City of Death”. As people find it a privilege to die here and be cremated. A city where cremation fire is always burning. An interesting observation. At the same time I also believe its “City of Life” as it has survived in spite of being destroyed several times by moguls. It’s just like a Grand pa’s face. Full of wrinkles yet radiating with love and compassion. In Living.

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