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Building collective consciousness – Dwarkoji’s visit

It all started with a Smile Card and my life was never the same again. ServiceSpace brought me to Dwarko ji in Bodhgaya and he then led me to Jayesh Bhai in Gandhi Ashram (in my quest to know more about Gandhi ji and Vinoba) and now life seems to have come full circle when Dwarko ji visited us in Ahmedabad and participated in MBL retreat.

Full of life and enthusiasm, 93 year old Dwarko ji shared “Now I want to devote my life building collective consciousness. After years of service, I have much to learn and my heart is filled with deep love and affection to see the universal work of Gandhi and Vinoba alive in so many hearts, especially in this place (ESI) of inner and outer sanitation.” As we parted we felt a deep sense of peace in his heart, as he said, “I am coming back, to work with all of you. Keep doing this work, as it is worth doing, and trust that there is a divine arrangement in every part of our life.”

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