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Baba Aziz (short story)

Once a blind Sufi dervish was walking through a desert with a young boy,‘where are we going’? asked the boy. “To a Sema gathering”, the dervish replied. And then the boy asked many questions.

Boy: Will you go all alone ?

Dervish: I’ll find my way

Boy: But you will get lost!

Dervish: He who has faith will never get lost, my little angel. He who is at peace won’t lose his way. Boy: But where is this gathering?

Dervish: I don’t know, my angel

Boy: Do the others know?

Dervish: No, they don’t know either

Boy: How can you go to a gathering without knowing where it is? Dervish: It suffices to walk, just walk. Those who are invited will find the way.

Pilgrim diary Notes: My journey to Konya and discovering Rumi, shams other sufis

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